GTA COVID-19 Status

COVID-19 in Canada

COVID-19 in Ontario

Ontario  Ministry of Health daily summary

How's my flattening (Ontario)

Toronto Academic Hospitals consensus docs

Ventilation of COVID : Toronto Critical Care resources (Laurent Brochard)

U of T Interdepertmental Division of Critical Care: COVID-19 Resources

Management Principles of Adult Critically Ill COVID-19 Patients - UoT IDCCM, May 24 update  UPDATED!

Calculating Recruitment/Inflation ratio & Airway Opening pressure (videos and calculator)

Clinical practice guidelines for COVID management (Greater Toronto Area), March 30

COVID Drug Therapy: UHN/Sinai Antibiotic Stewardship Program

The Toronto COVID Collection:  protocols, checklists, documents

Sinai Health System

Protected Code Blue policy

Airway assessment  guide

ICU rounding guide/checklist

Protected intubation video

St. Michael's Hospital

Ward admission orders

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Protected Code Blue - wards

Protected Code Blue - ICU/ER            PCB Infographic

Protected Intubation                             Protected Intubation Infographic

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